10 Totally Random Facts About Sleep

There are a lot things we all know about sleep. There are way more things that we don’t know about sleep. Here are 10 things you might have never heard before!

Random Sleeping Rhino

1. Koalas sleep for more than 20 hours per day.

2. 12% of us dream in black and white. (It was a higher percentage before color TV.)

3. If you are sleep-deprived, your circadian rhythm will be disrupted which can lead to unhealthy white blood cells.

4. 29% of Americans actually fall asleep or at least become extremely tired while at work.

5. 6% of Americans have sleep apnea. People who share a bed with someone who has sleep apnea lose about an hour of sleep each night.

6. Within their child’s first year, new parents can lose up to 2 month’s worth of sleep!

7. Dolphins (and ducks!) can sleep with only half of their brain at a time, so they can stay awake for 15 days straight!

8. Modafinil is a drug similar to caffeine that can make you stay awake for 48 hours with no side effects! I don’t think it’s a good idea though…

9. Some deaf people do sign language in their sleep!

10. “Exploding Head Syndrome” is a sensation of… exactly what it sounds like. It happens most often with elderly people. Talk about a rude awakening!

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