Boise Altitude Interfering with Your Sleep?

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With summer in full swing, many of us in Boise, Idaho, are heading for the hills! Camping, boating, and fishing are enjoyed by many, and often require action in the mountains with higher altitudes. With that comes sleepless nights and restlessness.

It can take the body days, even weeks to acclimatize to altitude, and some people even suffer from altitude sickness—especially those who are accustomed to living at sea level! Altitude sickness can feel much like a hangover, but in some cases it can be serious.

Ways to Cope!

Here are a few examples of ways you can cope with and adjust to the elevation change.


Water Helps Sleep








Lots of water! Acclimatizing to the altitude causes you to lose water and sodium, thus making you dehydrated! So drink more water than you normally would to keep a good sleeping pattern!

Avoid Strenuous Exercise


Chances are, due to the higher elevation, you’re already feeling pretty fatigued. There’s less oxygen the higher you go. Consequently, you’ll wear out quicker! It’s been suggested here that you should decrease your physical activity by 25 to 50 percent during the first few days at high altitude.

Take It Easy on the Fire Water!


An old myth states that you become intoxicated at a much quicker rate in higher altitudes because the oxygen levels are lower. This has been proven false. Gizmodo, however, states that drinking alcohol at higher altitudes can impact how much worse you already feel.

A Good Night’s Rest

Mountain Sleeping

One of the drawbacks to our vacation adventures is losing sleep because the mattress just won’t fit into the Winnebago! If only we could take our mattresses with us!

Altitude exposure has significant impacts on sleep. Sleep apnea has been reported as a frequent occurrence at elevations as low as 1,524 meters, according to The U.S. Army Medical Department.

It’s Good to Be Home!

Vacation will always be something you look forward to, but coming home and sleeping in your own bed is a feeling like no other! It’s not long before you’re back into your normal routine and appreciating that comfortable mattress! And if that mattress isn’t cutting it, you know where to find the one of your dreams!

Find a bed that makes you feel good,