Does [Mattress] Size Matter?

Mattress SizeWhen it’s time to get a new mattress, there are a lot of things to take into account. One of the first things to consider is the size of mattress that you need.

Here is a quick guide for finding the right mattress for children, adults, and couples.

Best Mattresses for Children

Twin Mattress

Width: 38 to 39 inches

Length: 75 inches

The twin mattress is the smallest size, except for a crib mattress. At 75 inches, it’s just over 6 feet long. They are the most common mattress in children’s rooms and guest rooms.

Twin beds cost less than other mattresses and so do their sheet sets, so they are a great option for children for that reason as well.

While 6 feet might seem like enough room for an adult, when you include the pillow it may not be quite long enough – especially for men.

Bunk Beds

If you have multiple children and not enough rooms in your home to accommodate them, bunk beds are a great choice. Bunk beds typically use twin mattresses.

Extra-Long Twin Mattress

Width: 38 to 39 inches

Length: 80 inches

The Extra-Long Twin mattress is most commonly seen in dorm rooms. They work well in these small spaces but are long enough for students in college. It is important to ask if dorm room beds are extra-long so you can buy the right sheet sets and bedding.

These mattresses can also be great for guest rooms so that adults don’t have their feet hanging off the end!

Full or Double Mattress

Width: 54 inches

Length: 75 inches

Again, the length of the full mattress might not be long enough for adults. It is a great size for teenagers, though. If you have a child that is nearing their teen years and needs a new mattress, the full size might be the best option for their impending growth spurt!

A full size can fit two adults, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Each person would get only 27 inches of space, which can be restricting while you sleep. And we all know that the most important thing to keep in mind when finding a new mattress is that it needs to be comfortable!

Best Mattresses for Adults and Couples

Queen Mattress

Width: 60 inches

Length: 80 inches

The dimensions of a queen size mattress make it a great bed for couples or guest bedrooms. It is big enough to give each person enough room while not being so big that it won’t fit in your bedroom. Some apartments cannot accommodate the dimensions of a king size bed, making the queen a great choice for couples that move frequently.

The queen size mattress is 5 inches longer than the full, which is great for most couples.

Guests will appreciate a queen size bed because couples can fit more easily on a queen size than on a full size.

King Mattress

Width: 76 to 78 inches

Length: 80 inches

The king size mattress is the equivalent of two extra-long twin beds. In fact, the box spring or foundation is usually in the form of two extra-long twin box springs. This makes it easier to travel with if you move – especially if the move involves stairs!

With these dimensions, each person gets the width of a twin bed to themselves. And, if you have kids that tend to jump in bed with you, the king size gives them enough room to squeeze in!

As I mentioned earlier, king size mattresses can be hard to move. If you plan on staying in one place for awhile, you’ll be just fine. Just make sure to measure the room so you know you have enough space for a larger bed.

California King Mattress

Width: 72 inches

Length: 84 inches

The California King is slightly thinner and longer than the Standard King, making it the best choice for taller couples.

So, which bed is right for you?

As I’ve said before, it is up to you to find the right mattress. I can give you the details and the dimensions, but only you can try the mattress out and see what works best for you.

Come in and try out a few. We’ll find you the best mattress at the best price!

Find a bed that makes you feel good,