Do You Need a Box Spring Under Your Mattress?

Box Spring or Foundation

Most “Box Springs”, traditionally found under your mattress, can’t technically be called that anymore, because they don’t actually contain any springs. We call these new spring-less frames “Foundations.

Foundations won’t absorb as much shock as traditional box springs, but there are still quite a few good reasons to have one under your mattress.

Why invest in a Foundation or Box Spring?

  • It gives the bed more height. If the bed is too low, you’ll have a harder time getting into it each night.

  • Another height bonus: Your bed won’t look the same without a box spring. Bedrooms look more natural with a bed at the proper height.

  • Mattresses are built under the assumption there will be a box spring or foundation.

  • It gives the mattress a stable and flat surface. The body needs a straight plane to lie on to avoid spine and breathing problems

  • It reduces wear on bed frame slats. Without the foundation, a mattress will sag in the middle which can cause similar sagging in the bed frame slats.

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