Serta Mattress

#1 National Mattress Manufacturer: Serta

You might recognize the Counting Sheep helping you to fall asleep quickly and completely. Serta is just as devoted to that aim as their commercial icons are.

High Industry Standards

Initially formed from a group of independently owned and operated mattress manufacturers, this variety of experience and knowledge came together into a single brand that has surpassed all others in sales for the U.S.

Serta mattresses are leaders in technology with their open-flame resistant mattresses. They are committed to environmental responsibility. And they have received many awards and titles, such as Consumers Digest Best Buy.

Their three main mattress types are:

Serta Mattress perfect sleepInnerspring – traditional steel coils with variations on flexibility, count, diameter, and more

Memory Foam – all foam support with advanced cooling gel comfort

Memory Foam Hybrid – combining the support and durability of steel coils and the comfort and flexibility of foam