Tempurpedic mattress

No Other Brand is Quite Like Tempur-Pedic!

Boise Mattress carries Tempur-Pedic mattresses because the TEMPUR material provides a truly unique sleeping experience. It is a customer favorite!

The Tempur-Pedic Experience

Tempurpedic memory foamTempur-Pedic mattresses are made from TEMPUR memory foam, to provide a perfect night’s sleep. The TEMPUR material offers many benefits:

  • provides support to your whole body

  • keeps your neck and spine in proper alignment

  • equalizes pressure to relieve joint pain

  • re-distributes body weight to minimize pressure point discomfort

  • absorbs the movement of each sleeper to eliminate sleep disruption

  • allows for deeper sleep through less tossing and turning

  • long-lasting durability

The Science of TEMPUR Cells

TEMPUR Cells are a proprietary formulation that use innovative new technology, reinventing the mattress as we knew it.

Tempur-Pedic memory foam adapts to your unique shape and sleeping position so you receive the individualized support you need for optimal comfort. TEMPUR cells react to heat and pressure: softening in warmer areas with higher pressure while remaining firm in cooler areas.

Tempurpedic mattressFeel the Difference for Yourself

With this responsive technology, the memory foam doesn’t just bend like conventional mattress springs but literally shifts and then returns to it’s previous position. This is how Tempur-Pedic can promise industry-leading durability.

When you come in to Boise Mattress and try a memory foam mattress for yourself, I’m sure you’ll see why it has become a key ingredient to a good night’s sleep for millions worldwide.